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Every step taken with us at Midas Day Spa – Salon is a journey. This is a journey to the soothing heart, a haven of calm, and a fresh perspective to life. You deserve some pampering, you are necessitated with some reinvention of your body, and you need some quality time for yourself too.

And we extend a warm welcome you to—come take this journey with us. And transform yourself!

At Midas, we believe in transformation. We understand your requirement to unwind so we commit to a dedication—a promise that transforms you from tip to the toe. 

From the welcome desk to the heart of the spa, Midas is in attendance with awe-inspiring Greek décor—but it brings in expertise from all over the world, some very rooted traditional techniques to modernized scientific methods of rejuvenation.  

Equipments and furnishing at Midas proffer that incites the mood to an optimum relaxation, all the while, the philosophy of Midas is to blend traditional therapy with modern advances of wellness.

Here at Midas, we ensure that you are well-provided with masters of spa and salon techniques, who understand not just methodology of the body but the spirit of the beauty as well.

Come, begin this journey with us. Take an appointment via telephone on 5330677 / +977-1-4230677 or 6922436 from 10 am in the morning to 7 in the evening daily. 

The Spa ~ Salon experiences are offered by trained experts using world class products in a fresh, harmonious and luxurious setting.
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O3+ Facials
When professional hands here at Midas come together with finest of facial techniques, you shall be invigorated with the glow that ensues. A true Midas touch is given by O3+ facial that gives golden and younger skin.

Approved and recommended worldwide by dermatologists and skin care counselors, O3+ from the UK is one of the leading and finest facial products, originally from Italy. O3+ products range from facial mask to golden mask, from cleanser to purifying massage cream and soothing massage cream. O3+ facial at Midas is not just skin care treatment, but with this facial, skin treatment, masks and peels in 12 sitting program, O3+ ensures reinvention of skin.

O3+ products are based on natural elements like Brackish Water and minerals, seaweed and others. 
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Old is gold, and the ancient concept of Ayurveda does prove to deliver golden results on the verge of rediscovering yourself.

The concept of oriental wellness of the being comes from the ancient knowledge derived from medicinal therapy of Ayurveda. Midas has embraced the holistic traditional therapy with modernity, but has remained true to the roots using unaltered oils and powders. Here at Midas, we use pristine pure authentic oils, powders brought from Kerala—while even using the beds and therapists trained from the same region.

With popular therapies like Shirodhara (cleansing the body from the third eye), to Abhyanga (full body massage), Kizhi (ache and pain relief massage), Udwartanam (cellulite reduction toning), Snana Choornam (Body Polishing), and other Ayurvedic therapies offered at Midas, you can rightly feel your feet off the ground and your head feels the breeze from the sky. It's all spiritual!
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Body By Sara
From Hong Kong, comes the mesofacial therapy that has long been associated with age-defying nourishment to the skin and skin repair. This therapy from Sara range of products, delivers 'food' to your skin. With Midas' products like Lemon, Banana, Orange and Green Apple used in this mesofacial therapy, your skin receives the right amount of vitamin, antioxidants, minerals, and hyaluronic acid that makes your skin 'live longer'.

In the premium range, products like Charcoal Baseline and Deep Sea Mineral are offered to the clientele, that doesn't just rejuvenate the skin and make it look younger, but also keeps the glow for longer period of time.

Midas also offers Body Polishing, Chocolate Waxing, Body Mould Masks along with neo-tech manicure and pedicure facilities—all just to nurture you, pamper you and revive you!
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Midas Products
To keep up with the promise to deliver authenticity, Midas' signature line-ups are made from 100% natural and organic ingredients that are exclusively proffered at the Spa – Salon. Products imported at Midas aren't just for therapeutic usage alone, but befit the client's requirement of pampering and rejuvenation, and have specific function as a whole.

All Himalayan herbs and essential oil introduced during the therapeutic use and for purchase at Midas' counter are well-recommended by dermatologists, therapists, skin care and counseling technicians, and have been widely tested. They suit all skin type and texture, and hence pose no risk to any skin or exposure.
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7 Star Salon
Visit any salon in the city, and you will get what you have asked for. But visit Midas' Salon—and you will not just be treated with beauty transformation services, but a whole lot more of beauty with benefits.

Midas uses L'Oreal Professional and Matrix products for hair, all the while, the services are provided with some of the most professional stylists from the country who can create magic with their stylish cuts, vibrant colors and techniques derived from just about anyone.

We call this the "7 Star Salon" treatment, and is the state-of-the-art services.

Apart from hair treatments ranging from straightening, coloring, perming, trimming to styling—we also offer chocolate waxing, from either of white chocolate or dark chocolate of your choosing.

For the first time in Nepal, we have also introduced Ear Candling—a safe and relaxing way of removing wax from the ears. This, itself, is a process of rejuvenation.
Midas also offers exclusive bridal make-up services. Custom make-over services are offered to brides, for parties and pageants, or even for prom or photography sessions.

And we extend all this to you, not just as a sense of purpose—but with the sense of heart, as we ensure cent percent attention to your safety, hygiene and health.
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Relaxation comes in the form of water at Midas—and what better way to do it other than its extensive hydrotherapy services. Bath soaks provided with lotus flower, fragrances, aromatic oils and colors, and equally compelling and complementing soothing music will help you get back to the wellness of self.

The oils are extracted from natural herbs available in the Himalayas and are native to Nepal. These oils, which have high healing properties, along with right temperature vapors of the Hamam gives strengths to your spine and helps circulation of the blood—purifying it all the way.

The bath therapies available at Midas are exclusive to the Spa – Salon. For those who seek, special bridal Royal Milk and Rose Bath are available, and for those who long for a tad bit more, Saffron Milk Bath is the way to go.

What's more? Just choose a beverage that wrestles well with your taste bud. You might just find the Jacuzzi even more interesting than ever!
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Ancient Egyptians discovered that the nerve endings at the extremities of our body can be stimulated in such a way that it can revitalize body's system, decrease tension and stress, relief pain and exertion, and also keep you young and energetic. Midas uses this 4000 year practice—but with a tad bit much of modernity and scientific approach.

Offered in 30, 60 or 90 minute massage forms—reflexology at Midas isn't only about relaxation and invigoration, but it helps improve nerve function and blood circulation attempting to find the right balance for your body.

Oils used at Midas for hand, feet, head and shoulder reflexology can be chosen from an array of options available. 
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